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Cutting-edge techniques to accelerate the preparation, visualisation and analysis of particle simulation data

Coarse Graining lies at the heart of IOTA

Better Simulations, Better Decisions

Simulations can be very time consuming to run. Most solutions require a high level of expertise to operate as well as extensive computational power to run the simulations. Post processing tools are limited in their ability to analyse the particle data and quantify how it is behaving.

Many are simply unable to offer the advanced data analysis capability needed to easily and effectively interpret complex simulation data which means the results produced are more vulnerable to error. Visualisation is not enough; you need to understand the data to understand the system design. Questionable results can lead to poor decision making and greater design risk.

Particle Analytics offers disruptive technology that accelerates the preparation, visualisation and analysis of particle data and industrial bulk material solids, enabling customers to carry out more advanced and complex data analytics than they cannot do with their existing simulation software alone.

Our ground breaking, post processing data analytics software, IOTA, with its built in Coarse Graining algorithm delivers results to which the marketplace has never before had access.

The Particle Analytics IOTA product delivers advanced data analytics, providing greater insight into simulation behaviour, identifying failure modes within the design, whilst improving decision making and reducing costs.

Continuum Field Analysis

Discrete Field Analysis of how elements(DEM) and particles(DPM) behave in different environments has been around for several decades but depending on their application, it has proven difficult to deliver compelling results from simulation solver tools.

To meet this challenge, our innovation teams here at Particle Analytics have been developing a new approach: Continuum Field Analysis (CFA).

Whether you need to analyse Particles at the micron level or Elements at the metre level, our Continuum Field Analysis capability will deliver continuum smoothed results which provide a more insightful analysis of your simulation data results.

Whether measuring wear on the walls of a manufacturing installation or transportation process or trying to accurately predict erosion on the walls of a pipe in a multi phase environment, use the Continuum Field Analysis method within our IOTA product to provide fresh insights into your CFD, CFD-DEM or CFD-DPM simulations.

IOTA’s ground breaking coarse graining algorithm will provide you with the insight and discovery to enable you, the scientist, designer or flow assurance expert, to eliminate failure modes in your investigations using solver tools like never before.

So check out some of the testimonies on this site, delivered from independent sources and provided by some of the most successful companies and research institutions in the world.

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Providing Simulation Intelligence

Our technology allows you to move to the next level in industrial scale simulations, while maintaining your current simulation software. It doesn’t matter what software you use, we integrate with the major commercial and open-source software solutions:

  • Fast preparation and results analysis saves time on simulation-based design processes – analyses take hours not days
  • Advanced analysis and visualisation of simulation results delivers better decisions
  • Easy to use user interface ensures results are easier to understand, reducing the need for specialist expertise to operate and interpret the simulation data
  • Sector-specific capabilities support a wide a range of different applications and processes
  • State of the art technology means much less computational power is needed to run simulations
  • Setup is fast. Integration with common commercial and open-source software solutions means that no new simulation platforms are required.