Kevin Hart joins Particle Analytics Board

Particle Analytics Limited is delighted to announce that Kevin Hart has been appointed as Chairman of the Board.

The experienced upstream oil and gas industry executive joins the company to support the management team in driving the business forward.

Particle Analytics have developed a groundbreaking software application (IOTA) that delivers highly accurate insight and discovery to Engineers and Scientists involved in analysing particle behaviour, covering  several multiphase models:-CFD, DEM & DPM.

 IOTA can be used to perform complex analysis of the dynamics of a wide range of systems and processes involving particles.

These include, but are not limited to, sand, spray(s), blood, powder(s) and bulk material handling; areas which traditionally have proven difficult to analyse.

Kevin Hart commented:

“This is an exciting time for Particle Analytics; the simulation market is worth $9.7bn annually and growing, with our sweet spot in post processing predicting growth of 6% per annum from $1.8bn in 2020.

The IOTA software suite accurately predicts and quantifies particle behaviour during design and whilst performing asset studies. We believe IOTA is the best in class predictive tool available in the market.  This view is supported by various independent empirical data experiments and case studies, confirming that we can deliver a unique level of insight and discovery.

We will focus, in the short term, on the energy sector where sand transportation and erosion are costing the industry $3bn annually and potentially can have major environmental consequences.”

A series of webinars are being held over the coming weeks to allow individuals, teams and organisations around the world a preview the predictive power of IOTA.