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Published on 02 November 2016

Particle Analytics showcases its latest technology at commercial launch on 3rd November 2016.

This Thursday (3rd November), we’ll be demonstrating the exceptional and disruptive capability that Particle Analytics’ advanced particle simulation technology – Iota-Suite – can offer businesses beyond what existing Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation platforms can provide.

For organisations that use DEM software to simulate particle and industrial bulk solids behaviour, maximising the insights gained in the minimum amount of time is key to minimising design risk and getting products to market more quickly and at lower cost.

What my colleagues and I will explain, and what our existing clients already know, is that by applying our technology on top of existing DEM simulation software, overall simulation time can be drastically reduced. Additional insights into particle behaviour can be gained and the overall cost of the simulation activity considerably reduced.

Using continuum modelling rather than a series of discrete datasets, our easy to use pre- and post-processing tools provide an extensive capability for the analysis of a wide range of different scenarios. Examples of the features of Iota-Suite that we will explain include mixing and segregation analysis, residence time calculation, solid fraction and bulk density, and contact and kinetic stress.

Overall efficiency can be improved by up to 80% in some cases which, when translated into monetary terms, is hugely significant.

The event this Thursday will be hosted at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Attendees will include fellow company co-founder, Prof Jin Ooi, and other Particle Analytics staff as well as customers, partners, investors and other important guests.
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Dr Carlos Labra, CEO and co-founder


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