New technology partnership: EDEM + Particle Analytics

Published on 13 October 2015

DEM Solutions is pleased to announce its partnership with Particle Analytics, a software company that provides advanced visualization and analysis tools for Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations.

DEM Solutions and Particle Analytics started their collaboration back in 2014 to work towards the integration of both software, allowing EDEM users to export and analyze their simulation results with Particle Analytics technology.

Dr Carlos Labra, Director of Particle Analytics, explained:

“One of the challenges of DEM is that it is a computationally intensive method that generates vast data files. This makes it difficult for users to visualize and analyze results of their simulations. We have developed Particle Analytics to address this challenge and provide an easy-to-use yet powerful post-processing tool. Our partnership with DEM Solutions means that EDEM users will be able to benefit from our technology and increase their productivity as well as improving the decision-making process based on their EDEM simulations.”

Particle Analytics’ advanced post-processing capabilities enable users to extract bulk design parameters from the particle data and interrogate the influence of temporal and spatial scales. This also allows users to map hard-to-visualize concepts such as density, void fraction and shear stress.

Mark Cook, Product Manager of DEM Solutions, commented:

“We’re very pleased to be working with Particle Analytics and to enable our customers to benefit from their advanced technology. EDEM already includes a powerful post-processing environment but we are always looking for ways to help our users even further. By integrating EDEM with Particle Analytics we provide them with a key tool to make the most out of their simulations and get the type of analysis they need and that is critical to better understand and optimize their processes.”

EDEM users can benefit from this technology with the latest version of EDEM [to be released this month] which includes a new export tool to write out data in a format that can be directly read into Particle Analytics software.

EDEM + Particle Analytics
Left: Standard EDEM result: Results from the coupled simulation with EDEM and ANSYS Fluent of Drying Rock in Aggregate Dryer (Courtesy of Astec, Inc.)
Right: Particle Analytics result: Spatio/temporal averaged density-weighted heat flux, projected over the 2D section. The value is used to estimate the heat transfer effectiveness of the system.

About Particle Analytics

Particle Analytics is a spin-out company of The University of Edinburgh and got incorporated in March 2015. It has very quickly gained traction in its target market to establish itself as a disruptive technology, delivering significant efficiencies and business improvements to multinational organizations that handle large volumes of particulate solids.

These benefits are gained through the use of Particle Analytics software, providing pre-processing, analysis and visualization of simulation data on the handling and processing of particulate solids with the Discrete Element Method (DEM), and providing an exponential improvement to currently available solutions.


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