IOTA Removes Analytical Uncertainty

Our ground breaking, post processing analytics software, IOTA, with its built in Coarse Graining algorithm delivers results to which the marketplace has never before had access.

Simulations can be very time consuming to run. Most solutions require a high level of expertise to operate as well as extensive computational power to run the simulations.

Many are simply unable to offer the advanced analysis needed to easily and effectively interpret complex simulation data which means the results produced are more vulnerable to error. Questionable results can lead to poor decision making and greater design risk.

The Particle Analytics IOTA product enables customers to carry out more advanced and complex industrial scale simulations than they can do with their existing simulation software alone.

At the heart of IOTA lies Coarse Graining …

Advanced Analytics and Visualisation

The Particle Analytics IOTA solution reduces simulation preparation time whilst offering more control over particle distribution and the modelling of initial conditions such as gravity and stress.

Complex geometries can be modelled with improved mesh discretisation. Results can be visualised as a continuum rather than just a series of discrete data sets thereby providing more sophisticated analytics and supporting better decision making. This means optimised designs that maximise productivity and process efficiency.

Operator time and costs are significantly reduced as are design and prototyping speed. More sophisticated analysis of results is possible without the need for an in-house expert.

Benefits of Iota-Suite

  • Fast results analysis saves time on simulation-based design processes – analyses take hours not days
  • Advanced analysis and visualisation of results delivers better decisions
  • Industry standard Python/Jupyter interface ensures results are easier to understand, reducing the need for specialist expertise to operate and interpret the simulation
  • State of the art technology means much less computational power is needed to run simulations
  • Setup is fast. Integration with common commercial and open-source simulation software solutions means that no new simulation platforms are required