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Particle Analytics technology allows you to move to the next level in industrial simulation-based design processes whilst maintaining your existing Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) software.

DEM software can be very time consuming to run. Most solutions require a high level of expertise to operate as well as extensive computational power to run the simulations.

Many are simply unable to offer the advanced analysis needed to easily and effectively interpret complex simulation data which means the results produced are more vulnerable to error. Questionable results can lead to poor decision making and greater design risk.

The Particle Analytics solution, Iota-Suite, is different. It enables customers to carry out more advanced and complex industrial scale simulations than they can do with their existing DEM software alone.

Advanced Analytics and Visualisation

Particle Analytics solutions reduce simulation preparation time whilst offering more control over particle distribution and the modelling of initial conditions such as gravity and stress.

Complex geometries can be modelled with improved mesh discretisation. Results can be visualised as a continuum rather than just a series of discrete data sets thereby providing more sophisticated analytics and supporting better decision making. This means optimised designs that maximise productivity and process efficiency.

Operator time and costs are significantly reduced as are design and prototyping speed. More sophisticated analysis of results is possible without the need for an in-house expert.

Save time on DEM simulation preparation and results analysis
DEM Workflow Scheme
Analysis of the process dynamics and mixing quality in a rotary drum mixer

Benefits of Iota-Suite

  • Fast preparation and results analysis saves time on simulation-based design processes – analyses take hours not days
  • Advanced analysis and visualisation of DEM results delivers better decisions
  • Easy to use user interface ensures results are easier to understand, reducing the need for specialist expertise to operate and interpret the simulation
  • State of the art technology means much less computational power is needed to run simulations
  • Setup is fast. Integration with common commercial and open-source DEM software solutions means that no new simulation platforms are required


Our simulation project management solution, Iota-PM, provides a comprehensive toolkit for managing and controlling a library of simulation projects, regardless of type (e.g. DEM, CFD, FEM, etc). As well as organising projects in an easy to use format, it has powerful visualisation tools to help better and more easily analyse simulation results.

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Our ground-breaking pre-processor solution, Iota-Pre, considerably reduces the amount of risk and resources associated with preparing DEM simulations and provides greater control over particle characteristics.

The Iota-Pre module supports the creation and modification of a wide and complex range of geometries and characteristics of particle media prior to simulation. Pre-defined geometries can be imported as a mesh from most common CAD systems or created directly within Iota-Pre.

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Pre-processing Silo Transfer
Particle generation adding gravity for fast silo filling
Post-Processing Example
Continuum analysis of heat transfer efficiency for a DEM-CFD simulation of an asphalt drying process


Our post-processor solution Iota-Post combines temporal and spatial averaging techniques to analyse particle flow and bulk solids behaviour in a way not possible in existing DEM software. Temporal averaging reduces the number of simulation steps required to one easy to recognise flow pattern.

Greater insights are delivered in a fraction of the time compared to traditional DEM software, which means considerable savings in simulation costs.

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