The Simulation Project Management Solution

Particle Analytics’ project management solution, Iota-PM, has been designed to address the large and varied scope of DEM simulations and provides an easy to use and effective way of managing numerous simulation projects.

Iota-PM is a comprehensive toolkit for managing and controlling a library of simulation projects, regardless of type (e.g. DEM, CFD, FEM, etc).

As well as organising projects in an easy to use and logical format, Iota-PM has powerful visualisation tools to help better analyse simulation results.

Key Features of Iota-PM

  • Project workspaces
  • Multiple scenarios per project
  • Shared team access
  • Visualisation tools
  • Advanced results analysis
  • Advanced graphs management
  • Batch data processing
  • Local and remote data access

Key Benefits of Iota-PM

  • All project data can be stored in one location thereby minimising project administration time
  • Project workspaces can be shared amongst users, enabling effective collaboration regardless of geographic location
  • Advanced analytics and visualisation tools provide rapid analysis of simulation data
  • Easy to use graphical interface allows for the fast management and retrieval of simulation data

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