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Existing DEM software is limited by the fact that it produces a series of discrete snapshots of particle behaviour which are then stitched together to create a video of the event. For example, grain discharging from a silo.

Whilst these simulations provide a range of useful information, what they are unable to show is the average bulk behaviour over time, for example, where the greatest stresses in a design are or where the most heat was generated.

Our post-processor solution, Iota-Post, extends the capability of DEM simulations to include continuum based analytics which delivers far greater insights into particle behaviour in a fraction of the time compared to traditional DEM simulations.

Continuum analysis of material flow along a transfer chute
Continuum analysis of material flow along a transfer chute
Analysis of the process dynamics and mixing quality in a rotary drum mixer
Analysis of the process dynamics and mixing quality in a rotary drum mixer

From Discrete to Continuum

Our post-processor software, Iota-Post, combines temporal and spatial averaging techniques to analyse particle flow in a way not possible in DEM software.

Initial DEM simulation data can be imported into Iota-Post from all major DEM systems for analysis. Our analytics are based on bulk properties including contact and kinematic stress tensors, solid fraction, density, momentum and velocity fields, plus spatial gradients of all the predefined or user defined variables from the DEM simulation.

Temporal averaging reduces the number of simulation steps required to one easy to recognise flow pattern.

The intuitive graphical user interface and powerful visualisation tools mean results are fast and easy to analyse without the need for extensive DEM expertise or further data manipulation, thereby creating significant cost saving opportunities.

Key Features of Iota-Post

  • Mixing & segregation analysis by material and size
  • Lacey's mixing index
  • Residence time
  • Streamlines (flow patterns)
  • Stress / Strain (Constitutive models)
  • User defined variables
  • Gradients and integrals

Key Benefits of Iota-Post

  • Setup is fast. Integration with common commercial and open-source DEM software solutions means that no new simulation platforms are required.
  • Reduce the time needed for the analysis of DEM simulations from days to hours
  • Advanced analytics provide rapid insights into particle behaviour not available in traditional DEM software, helping businesses speed up the design process
  • Savings in operator time and costs means faster prototyping and time to get products to market
  • Sector-specific capabilities support a wide a range of different applications and processes from mixing to milling to excavation
  • Efficient, state of the art technology means much less computational power is needed to run simulations

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