Reducing Simulation Preparation Time

The reliability of DEM simulation results depends heavily on the accuracy of the input modelling, in particular, the particle types to be analysed and the geometry through which the particles will flow.

This setup and preparation phase of DEM simulations can be a very time-consuming activity and prone to error which can lead to misleading simulation results and the need for multiple simulation re-runs, which can be hugely expensive.

Our ground-breaking pre-processor solution, Iota-Pre, considerably reduces the amount of risk and resources associated with preparing DEM simulations and provides greater control over particle characteristics.

Pre-processing Silo
Particle generation adding gravity for fast silo filling

Fast Creation of Particles and Geometries

The Iota-Pre module supports the creation and modification of a wide and complex range of geometries and characteristics of particle media prior to simulation. Pre-defined geometries can be imported as a mesh from most common CAD systems or created directly within Iota-Pre.

The advanced particle creator enables the fast generation of complex particle size distributions and particle sets, periodic boundary conditions and the addition of gravitational forces and predefined stress.

Millions of particles can be generated in minutes, which previously could have taken several days depending on the size and complexity of the simulation. This combined capability results in a significant time saving in the preparation phase of DEM simulations. It also provides increased control over the particle media.

Key Features of Iota-Pre

  • Different algorithms depending on applications, including very low porosity systems
  • Initial stress and gravity conditions on particles
  • Periodic boundaries and porosity control
  • Edit and optimisation of imported CAD meshes
  • Better control over geometry discretisation
  • Fast generation of simple geometries

Key Benefits of Iota-Pre

  • Fast preparation of DEM simulations – millions of particles can be generated in minutes rather than days
  • Complex geometries and particle sets can be generated with a high degree of accuracy thereby improving the reliability of the DEM simulation outputs
  • Easy to use user interface reduces the need for specialist expertise
  • Sector-specific capabilities support a wide a range of different applications and processes
  • Setup is fast. Integration with common commercial and open-source DEM software solutions means that no new simulation platforms are required

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